Travel Insurance tips

What are the travel tips you have to think of before packing your bag and going to your destination?

  • If you plan to visit any foreign country, you may need the necessary visa and entry permits.
  • The quantum of money that you have planned to spend and the type of currency and exchange rate in the country of visit
  • International Credit / Debit card or ATM will come in handy in place of taking excess cash in hand.
  • Never leave the cash, passports, credit cards and travelers check unattended in the hotel and utilize the safety lockers if any, provided by the hotel management.
  • Leaving your luggage in the vehicle will attract unnecessary attention and thereby making it to disappear quickly. Should there be a loss of things, immediately alert the local authority or police and get your complaint registered and a written report for your use is obtained. This would help in claiming from your travel insurance.
  • Luggage labels : Properly label your luggage and never carry other person’s luggage into the customs notified area. Never leave the luggage unattended in a public lace and chances are more for their disappearance.
  • It would be prudent to preserve the receipts for purchase made in a foreign country and never club the receipts with the product purchased.
  • Carry the digital camera or handycam safely secured while sight seeing and never let it go out of your sight.
  • It is better to avoid wearing expensive jewelries like diamonds or platinum rather than repenting later after loosing it. It is a better practice to carry inevitable valuable items, if any, in the hidden money belt and use of a dummy wallet with a little cash would divert the attention of the thief. Go through the terms and conditions for the replacement of valuables from your travel insurance agent.
  • It is a better practice to fasten your luggage along with the chair while sleeping in a train or in any public place.
  • Get down from the taxi, take out your entire luggage from taxi and make the payment. Don't be in a hurry while making payments for the taxi travel as you are likely to miss some of your luggage. If possible, note down the taxi number and the photo id of the driver.
  • Take photostat copies of important travel documents including your passport, visa, flight tickets etc. and leave a copy in your home and another one at a safe place in your hotel separate from other luggage.
  • Keep an eye on your credit card while making transactions for your purchase and never let it go off your sight and avoid being distracted during its usage to avoid its misuse.

Health / Medical Tips

  • If possible undergo a thorough medical check up before commencing travel and take the expert advice from your family physician.
  • Find out the local hospital for medical help in case you unfortunately fall sick while on travel and letting your family members know about your status in case of emergency.
  • Deep Vein Thrombosis (DVT) : Avoid the DVT syndrome by drinking plenty of non alcoholic and non caffeinated drinks and regularly exercising the lower limbs during long journey in air plane.
  • Vaccination and inoculations : Some countries will deny entry if certain vaccinations have not been done and keep a copy of the vaccinations certificate with you. Your travel insurance agent will elaborate about the types of vaccines you have to take.
  • If you happen to take medications regularly, keep extra supply of them and store them safely in a separate luggage.
  • You are required to carry a certificate from your doctor if you happen to use insulin syringes or any narcotic drugs.
  • Keep the sunscreen lotions and insect repellants handy just to protect you against the harsh sun and voracious mosquitoes.
  • Remember to take things just in case of emergency like your first aid kit, tablets and health supplements etc. This will help safeguard you in your travel insurance claims, if any.
  • Whenever you fall sick, call the local physician in the country of your visit and get his / her opinion and safely keep the receipts issued.
  • Always drink bottled water from a reliable source and never ever try to use tap water even for washing your mouth or brushing your teeth if you are unsure of its source.
  • Buy whole fruits and vegetables as such and don't buy if they are in peeled condition.

General Travel Insurance Tips

  • It would be ideal if you know the nature of language spoken in the visiting country and availability of guide in case you find the language alien and find out the time zone by which the place is separated.
  • Find out the local embassy or consulate in case you need any help.
  • Prevailing local customs and law : Be familiar with the local rules and regulations and follow them in true spirit. It may or may not suit you but you have no other way than to follow them.
  • Let your dressing be simple and match with the local people if possible, so as not to look isolated in a crowd. If you need any directions in a strange place, go and enquire persons manning a shop or police and not a stranger.
  • Avoid traveling alone during nights in unknown area.
  • If you are on an arranged tour, ensure you deal with only a licensed operator. Always carry two different photo identity cards with you separately.